Therapeutic Groups

Our counseling groups focus on the underlying spiritual and emotional issues that contribute to sex addiction. Unlike support groups, these groups are led by a counselor who will control the interaction of the group. A counselor will often encourage group members to share their own issues for feedback from other members. A counselor may also use various therapeutic techniques to facilitate individual healing. These techniques would be done in front of the whole group as opposed to an individual counseling session. It is often the case that the whole group learns from the work one member does. All of the groups and workshops at Bevill and Associates are facilitated by someone on our counseling staff and are generally held on a weekly or on a bi-weekly basis.

We offer groups for men struggling with sexual sobriety, adolescents and teens struggling with porn – sex addiction, spouse or partners that have been impacted by sex – porn addiction and for couples who’s relationship  has been affected by sexual addiction. Group participation begins by scheduling a initial consultation to determine history, assessment of needs and appropriate placement in groups is discussed.




Facing The Shadow

Facing the Shadow is a group designed to help men walk through and beyond sexual addiction/compulsion in a private, confidential setting. With the support of other men who face the daily struggles of temptation, this group offers a safe environment that facilitates growth, trust, and the ability to overcome life’s challenges with the help of other men who can truly understand what you’re going through.

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urlShadows of the Cross

Often Christians who struggle with porn and  sex addiction live the ultimate “Jekyll and Hyde” existence, being active in their church communities even as they hide their addiction. The Christian church, in general, struggles to address issues of sexuality in a non-shaming way, which further supports the hidden nature of the addiction. For these men, spirituality and sexuality have become compartmentalized. Recovery, then, must involve the integration of healthy spiritual beliefs and practices with healthy sexuality.

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Breaking Free

The Breaking Free therapeutic group helps the adolescent – teen more fully understand pornography addiction and its accompanying behaviors while being provided the opportunity to develop skills for recovery in their lives.

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Facing Heartbreak

When a loved one is struggling with compulsive sexual behavior, often the trauma to the partner is overlooked. Join us for a group specifically designed to shed light on the impact of sexual addiction in an intimate relationship.

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