The Marriage Checkup


  • A one-hour initial session with one of our  therapists to gather information about your relationship.
  • A relationship questionnaire (Prepare Enrich)  that both of you complete independently of each other (this will take approximately 1 hour of your time).
  • A follow session where we review your relationship strengths, potential areas of improvement, and suggestions for enhancing your relationship.
  • An individual report and workbook for you to keep.


Marriage Checkup

A checkup is a good fit for couples who are mutually committed to each other and want to strengthen their marriage, and who have a good balance of strengths and work areas in their relationship, but feel that they may just need a “tune-up.” For example, you might want to work on improving a specific aspect of your relationship. You might be feeling more distant lately. Or you might be having more difficulty communicating. Sometimes transitions from one life stage to another bring new challenges you haven’t dealt with before.

One or both spouses in these situations may often be reluctant to seek couples counselling for various reasons, yet feel limited in their options for addressing their issues. A checkup can be just the right step in such cases.

If your marriage is in a state of crisis, a checkup is probably not the best option for you. Severe discord, lack of commitment from at least one partner, discovery of an affair, episodes of domestic violence, or one partner wanting to end the marriage are examples of a marriage in crisis. In these situations, I recommend more timely and intensive therapy.


  • Learn what you can do to create greater closeness, intimacy, support, friendship, love, fun, and happiness in your marriage.
  • Appreciate your strengths and enhance positive feelings for each other.
  • Find out how your styles of handling conflict impact the health of your marriage.
  • Pinpoint harmful relationship dynamics early on while they are easy to alter before they become entrenched and more difficult to change.
  • ‘Test out’ the process of working with a marital professional.


While a checkup is not intensive therapy, there are therapeutic components to the process of a marriage checkup. Research has shown that couples who participate in a checkup often make significant improvements to their relationship afterward.

It is educational, practical, and solution-focused. Feedback about your relationship strengths and potential work areas is offered at the second visit and you are free to use this information as you please.

Should you wish to pursue couples counselling following the checkup, you can continue working with your therapist or we can provide several referral options that suit your needs and budget.


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