Breaking Free Teen Addiction Recovery Group


Addiction Recovery Help for Teens


Are you no longer “having fun”?

Are friends and family concerned?

Can’t concentrate on school?

 Feeling hopeless or out of control?


What is Breaking Free Therapeutic Group?

The purpose of the group is to replace negative peer pressure with the positive support of other teens who are fighting the same battle. Instead of being influenced by peers who encourage you to engage in self-destructive behavior, teens in group therapy sessions are surrounded by others who share their hopes, fears and challenges. Throughout the recovery process, group therapy provides these valuable benefits:

  • Providing a nonjudgmental forum where you can voice your feelings without being criticized or shamed
  • Creating an environment of support for teens who are looking for a way out of the trap of addiction
  • Giving teens the opportunity to form relationships with peers who share their commitment to sobriety
  • Finding acceptance in a healthy environment.

The group meets every other week  and provides a safe and confidential environment wherein you work on issues with support of other teens struggling with similar issues. Groups consist of no more than eight individuals creating opportunities for trust and brotherhood to be established. Each group session is conducted under the guidance of a professional therapist .


When is Group?

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How to Get Started?