Facing Heartbreak Spouses Group


Spouse’s Recovery Group From Porn, Sex Addiction or Infidelity

Purpose of Facing Heartbreak

Facing Heartbreak is a group for spouses and partners who have been impacted by sex – porn addiction and infidelity. Nothing quite touches our lives like the power of connection with others who understand and care because they have been there themselves. And when this kind of connection happens within a setting that provides a specific process for healing that is facilitated by who has experience in working with spouses and who has also been there, the power of connection is magnified ten-fold.

You are invited to experience these healing, caring connections in your life as you join with a handful of others in a multi-week guided process that will greatly augment your understanding of, and healing from, the devastation sex – porn addiction has brought into your life.

This 12-week therapeutic group for spouses who have been impacted by sex – porn addiction or infidelity, will meet bi weekly. Join other spouses as you work through and process of healing, this group provides a place to process your pain, questions, and the many other emotions you are dealing with.

Additionally, the group will help you better understand the trauma you are likely experiencing and why your symptoms of trauma don’t mean you are sick or crazy. We will provide helpful information on several other topics: blaming yourself, why his addiction has nothing to do with you, loss, forgiveness and starting again.

Facing Heartbreak aims to help you:
  • Cope with the Trauma of Discovery and Disclosure
  • Manage the Crisis
  • Develop a Plan for Support and Self-Care
  • Understand the Nature of Addiction
  • Deal with the Emotional Aftershock
  • Communicate Effectively about the Addiction
  • Create a Recovery Plan

When is Group?

Meets bi weekly

Is There A Book?

We will utilize The Journey To Healing and Joy Workdbook and Your Sexually Addictied Spouse: How Partners Can Cope and Heal both these books can be purchased online by clicking the icon for each book..

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Pre-registration is required.





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