Pastors and Ministers


It is easy for pastors to get caught up in the rush of church life, workaholic, and the glory of having church members look to them as saints. Yet the life of a pastor can be a very lonely journey. Pastor’s lives can have all the characteristics that can draw pastors into a fantasy world of pornography.

Initially he may look to see “what he may be missing.” He justifies that he isn’t looking for himself but to see what “others’ may be viewing. He is shocked by the images but the pull to look further has a powerful hold on him. A few minutes drift into a few hours. He feels shame and despair afterward and asks God to forgive him. He promises to himself to stop and that it would be the last time. Yet his behaviors continue and he knows he needs help but feels too much shame to seek it.

This cycle is repeated in the lives of pastors again and again. The feel stuck in a double life. He truly desires to live a life pleasing to God but his hunger for pornography has consumed his life. He fears being discovered but longs to stop the madness of living in secrecy.

Privately, many pastors languish in quiet desperation and secretly wallows in shame due to living an incongruous life. Some pastors sink into depression and have suicidal thoughts. Lonely all the time, the pastor may withdraw into an escalated cycle of pornography use to medicate emptiness and emotional pain. In some cases the addiction will expand to more risky behaviors.

If you are a pastor, worship leader, or another kind of people helper and have an addiction to pornography, we can help! Addiction to pornography gains power and strength in secrecy. Therefore, it’s crucial that you make a thorough and complete disclosure to a trained sex addiction counselor. The counselor will never shame you or reveal your identity to anyone outside the office.

Our counselors often work with pastors or other people-helpers that require confidentiality. You cannot deal with the issue on your own. You need help and we have counselors that can help you heal and restore to a life of integrity.

Pastors who confront their double lives with rigorous honesty and who cultivate a courageous program of healing and accountability can regain the confidence and serenity that Joseph declared to his brothers when he said, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good…” (Genesis 50:20). Pastors who stay the course and go the distance of recovery can transform the curse of addiction into a blessing of healthy intimacy.

If you are a pastor struggling with sexual addiction and you are ready to work on it, there are two ways to setup an appointment: 1) Fill out the Contact Form and a counselor will call you with 24-hours; 2) Call our offices at 205-610-9319.