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Semiars and Prestentions Offered By The iTAG Team

iTAG offers free psycho-education seminars / presentations to churches, schools and civic groups. These seminars can be given to congregations, youth groups, small groups, parent groups, church staff and school counselors on the affect pornography has on our children and teenagers today, The different topics on which these seminars / presentations could be based are as follows:

Pornography and the Brain PowerPoint

Helping Kids and Teens Flee Porn PowerPoint

UNFILTERED: Equipping Parents for an Ongoing Conversation about Internet Pornography

5 Hidden Dangers Facing You and Your Family Right Now

The Internet is an amazing resource for adults and kids alike. But it is also full of distractions and potential dangers, which affect you, your family, and your relationships offline.
This presentation takes a close look at Internet use statistics and finds the common trends and threats your family faces. It will also show you how to protect the ones you love.

Hooked: A Christian Response to Porn Addiction

This presentation was designed for anyone who is currently helping someone (male or female) through a struggle with pornography. It addresses five common myths about sexual sin, the cycle of addiction, and the biblical model of freedom.

Porn and Your Kids: The Key Tip to Keeping Them Safe

By the time our children enter adulthood, 93% of boys and 62% of girls have been exposed to graphic sexual content online. How do you prepare your children to process these images and face these temptations?

Porn-Free: How churches are creating a culture of confession and freedom

Pornography use is a problem impacting many men, women, and families in the church, but with such a taboo subject, how can churches adequately address this issue? How can churches encourage openness and honesty? Are there programs or approaches to this problem that help men and women find freedom? How can churches minister to porn addicts and their spouses?

Pornography and Your Church: Changing the Culture of Your Church to Change Lives

The majority of pastors (57%) say porn addiction is the most sexually damaging issue to their congregations. This presentation gives pastors and lay church leaders practical ideas about how they can create a “culture of accountability” to combat the prevalent but hidden sin of pornography.

Sexploited: 4 Ways Porn Damages Our Culture and 4 Necessary Steps to Bring About Change

This presentation will equip you with the knowledge you need to fight the sexual injustice brought about by porn. This presentation will highlight the connections between pornography and other forms of sexual exploitation. You will also learn what you can do to make a difference.

If you have a need in your church, but don’t see it on this list, feel free to contact us at 205-775-7955 and we can discuss possibilities.

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