Sex Offender Treatment Program


The Sex Offender Treatment Program in Birmingham, Alabama is an intensive outpatient community-based treatment program that is offered by Bevill and Associates LLC. This program is designed and individualized for the treatment of both the Adult and Juvenile population. This program is designed for the offender who recognizes and takes responsibility for their own behavior and is willing and able to live within the limits placed upon them by this treatment program, the judicial system, and society. Examples of offending behaviors include child molestation; voyeurism; exhibitionism; frotteurism; public masturbation or lewd acts; rape and sexual assault; child pornography; obscene phone calls/letters; violations of professional boundaries; sexual harassment.

Our program follows a cognitive-behavioral approach that will provide the foundation for the most effective treatment with the population and will be based upon the Sex Offender Containment Model, a comprehensive approach to sex offender management, drawing on the expertise and special knowledge of all the agencies, partners and individuals working with individuals to manage properly.

Program Goals

    • Active involvement in the treatment process
    • Accept responsibility for behaviors
    • Develop awareness and understanding of consequences related to sex offending behaviors
    • Be able to demonstrate empathy and compassion
    • Develop healthy relationships and social support network
    • Develop relapse prevention strategies Treatment is composed of education and therapy through group process, individual therapy, and couples/family therapy as appropriate.

The duration of treatment is based upon the person’s needs, motivation level or timeline established if court ordered.

The Sex Offender Program includes

Diagnostic Evaluation; the first step in which a therapist performs a face to face evaluation/assessment with the individual and completes a written, professional evaluation which includes diagnoses, recommendations for treatment and access to an appropriate level of services.

Risk Assessment; will be provided upon entry to the program as well as periodically that will provide ongoing assessment of treatment progress as well as risk for recidivism (re-offending).

Sex Offenders Against Recidivism (S.O.A.R.); group therapy where both education and therapy interventions will be addressed related to the individual’s offense. Discuss issues surrounding their offense and initiate tools to reduce the risk for relapse to re-offend.

Individual Therapy; will be provided each week for 60 minutes to address any personal issues and/or concerns that an individual may not be able to address in a group setting.

Family/Couples Therapy; will be provided on average of once each month in order to assist the individual in re-engaging with the family affected by their offense and the reunification process as appropriate.

Medication Management; will be evaluated by a psychiatrist, providing psychotropic medications for individuals in need.

Relapse Prevention/Aftercare; will construct a relapse prevention plan prior to completing the program that will assist with their aftercare. Support will be offered to assist an individual’s reorientation back into the community, engaging their coping skills in an attempt to lower rate for relapse.

All treatment will be planned and supervised by a Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider (CSOTP).

PDF Overview of Sex Offender Program

If you would like more information or schedule an evaluation to determine eligibility call 205-610-9319.