Family Counseling

Looking for family counseling in Birmingham or surrounding areas?

Do you want to help your family become stronger and more united?

Are you striving to better support a family member who is going through a difficult change or crisis?

Do you want to communicate better within your family and resolve difficult issues that are affecting your relationships?

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Family Therapy - Family walking together holding hands

Family therapy provides a safe setting for each member of your family to openly discuss how they are impacting and being impacted by challenges that you may be experiencing as a family. Such challenges can include:

  • Step-parenting and adjusting to being a blended family,

  • Conflicting parenting styles and approaches,

  • Unresolved conflict between two or more family members and the impact on the family as a whole,

  • Dealing with difficult, defiant or disrespectful child and teen behavior,

  • The effect of a parent or child’s depression, anxiety,  or addiction on the rest of the family, and how the family affects the parent or child’s mental health issue,

  • Dealing with a family crisis, or an upsetting change or transition such as re-location, job loss, health issue or death in the family.


Family therapy recognizes that we are best understood in the context of the relationships in which we live.   Since our health and well-being is influenced in large measure by the family environment we reside in, family therapy seeks to understand and foster change in the relationship patterns that exist between individuals in the family system rather than focusing directly on issues or factors within a specific individual.


Family therapy is designed to help identify, alleviate and change relationship patterns and to help families create new, more empowering patterns.  Often positive changes in family patterns also result in the alleviation or resolution of symptoms experienced by individual family members.

Family therapy focuses on strengths – those of the family as a whole, and those of individuals within the family. Identifying strengths helps family members build on a positive foundation and to access their natural healing capacities that the family already has.


Since each family member’s perspective is important in understanding family patterns, your therapist will likely request that all members of your family attend therapy together, at least initially. Your family therapist will listen, provide support and seek to understand how you, as family members, interact with one another.

He or she may invite each family member to describe their definition of the problem, what makes the problem worse, what solutions have been attempted, and how these attempted solutions have affected other family members. This will enable your therapist to formulate an understanding of how the presenting problem is affected by family patterns, and, in turn, how family patterns are affected by the presenting problem.

Your therapist will then help you to empower yourselves to find new creative solutions to the problems you are facing as a family, and to create new patterns of communication, emotional experiences, and perspectives that foster hope and healing. Through the assistance of family counselling you can become a stronger, closer and more united family team.


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