Group Counseling


Bevill and Associates offers group therapy programs to promote healing and recovery. Group sessions are held at various times throughout the week. New clients must meet with one of out therapist for at least one individual session before starting group therapy to determine if a group setting is appropriate for the client’s needs.

Men’s Sexual Compulsivity Group

Many men have found themselves in the trap of sexual compulsivity. The toll of sexual addiction for the individual, spouse and family often leads to arguments, depression, separation, divorce, loss of income, and even legal problems. Many men have tried to stop their damaging sexual behaviors, on their own, or through an untrained therapist, without success. Broken promises to themselves and their spouse/partner is the norm. The shame of not being able to stop addictive sexual acting-out behaviors often leads the addict to blame their spouse/partner, job, and other situations for their behaviors.

Sexual addiction is painful. It’s difficult to admit to, let alone talk about with another. This often causes the addict to withdraw and isolate. Anger, depression and anxiety develop, and to relieve the pain the addict returns to acting out.

In the Men’s Sexual Compulsivity group, you’ll be with others who are caught in the same trap, mostly men who are bright and highly successful in their careers. You’ll be able to talk about your addiction without shame or ridicule, and gain the support and information necessary to overcome the addictive process.

In the Men’s Sexual Compulsivity Recovery Group you’ll be given the tools to stop compulsive behavior and to begin the healing process under the guidance of a highly trained Sex Addiction Therapist.

Chemical Dependency Group

Group therapy for chemical dependency and substance abuse issues. Learning to live a clean and sober life requires mindfulness and an active commitment to recovery on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Group therapy helps provide the tools needed to achieve multi-level recovery while addressing the root of what drives chemical dependency. Topics covered include: the nature and causes of addiction; the impact of addiction on all aspects of life; relapse prevention; self-care; communication skills; managing emotions; challenging irrational beliefs; and more.

Women’s Therapy Group

A therapy group for women to encourage self-understanding, self-acceptance and growth in a safe, nurturing, and confidential environment with women who share similar goals.

Group topics include:

Identifying and Understanding Addictive Patterns


Sexual Addiction and Spouse/Partner of a Sex Addict Issues

Relationship Issues

Setting Boundaries




Sexuality and Related Issues

Identifying and Following Your True Path

Spouses/Partners of Sex Addicts Women’s Group

The Spouses/Partners of Sex Addicts Women’s Group offers support and guidance for women who are affected by their husband’s or partner’s addiction. The issue of sex addiction is very emotionally draining, and betrayal is a serious trauma that can result in PTSD without appropriate help. Talking about and processing the pain and other feelings spouses/partners experience allows the healing process to begin, and helps develop coping skills.

The group addresses areas including, but not limited to:

Defining sexual addiction/compulsivity and sexual offending

Co-addiction/Codependency – What part do spouses/partners play in an addiction problem?

Dealing with betrayal, broken trust and grief

Setting boundaries and non-negotiable behaviors

Disclosure – What does a spouse have a right to know about the past?

Addressing marital discord and family of origin issues

Regaining trust and healing intimacy

Group begins with a check-in of feelings members are experiencing, and addresses issues on a variety of topics that are brought by group members.

Support and fellowship with others in similar situations can help us grow in strength and knowledge, and help us make positive changes in our lives.