Family Counseling

One of the greatest challenges facing a family comes in the rearing of children. Every child is different and is his or her own individual person. Each of those personalities bring with them their own set of challenges. No matter how difficult those challenges may seem, there is hope in addressing each of them.

Families seek assistance for a variety of concerns including:

  •  Marital and couples issues
  • Personal challenges for parents and children
  • Communication problems within the family
  • Child behavior and discipline issues
  • Blended families and remarriage

Each of us begins our lives in some kind of family. Families have great potential for promoting the growth of individuals within the family system. All family members want a healthy, healing atmosphere in which each person receives guidance, strength and nurturance. Yet, sometimes things go awry and an individual has difficulties that negatively impact the rest of the family. 

Families with the best intentions may need help to mobilize their strengths, which may be hidden by the pain and disappointment that always accompany problems. Since all are affected, each member can contribute to the solution. Therefore, we prefer to work with the total family unit whenever possible. 

We help families move from dysfunctional patterns of communicating to new ways of relating to one another. As family members start to communicate and understand each other’s needs  for the first time, they begin to heal and develop healthy ways of interacting.