Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program

Addiction to alcohol, drugs, and other substances or activities is a long-term chronic disease, not a result of weakness or a lack of willpower. Addiction has a course that can be predicted, has known symptoms, and is influenced by genes, life situations, and brain activity.

Abusive use of a substance changes the brain, and it often takes months of complete abstinence for the brain to be restored back to normal. Equally, the addictive process alters one’s thinking, creating distorted logic and emotional reasoning, which also takes time to address and stabilize. Therapists, doctors, and others who say they work with addiction, but are not certified, trained, and experienced in this specialized area, often contribute to a worsening of the addictive process and increased frustration for the addict and their family. The Bevill and Associates therapists have experience working with addicts and the addict’s family.

The goal of The Addiction Treatment Program at Bevill and Associates is to help clients establish a strong recovery system that supports physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, and leads to more positive, fulfilling relationships with their friends, families, and significant others.

The Addiction Treatment Program helps clients understand addiction and to identify their addictive behaviors. For all addictions, it is necessary to address distorted, irrational thinking and break down denial systems in order to recognize the need for change. Clients are guided through the process of making lifestyle changes that will help them begin making healthier behavioral choices.

Addiction Treatment at Bevill and Associates begins with an evaluation to identify the appropriate level of care. If inpatient treatment is indicated, the therapist will provide the client with referral resources, based on knowledge of and experience with the programs suggested. If outpatient treatment is recommended, specific treatment plans are formulated to address physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual problem areas. Individual and group counseling sessions, as well as participation in 12-step programs are included in treatment plans. Through therapeutic assignments, therapists help clients understand how they have been affected by the disease of addiction, as well as how it has impacted others in their lives. The length of the outpatient addiction treatment program varies, depending on each client’s needs.